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Hike-hike hitch

After living in Poland one month I decided that it’s time to explore it better and try something new here.  Zapiekanka was already tasted, “Soplica” – drunken, krakowiak – danced. What else can show country, locals’ mentality and customs except of cuisine, folklore and sightseeing? Actually, there’re quite a lot of options. Cinematography? Yes. Art? Sure. Traditional celebrations? Yep.  Hitchhiking? Undoubtedly.


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Aliens Awesome Mix Vol. 2

Dear Aliens, for this week I’ve put together stardust and some moon stone, in order to cook this delicious mix. Here is your lunatic music portion. Smacznego!


I don’t remember  exactly how I discovered Breakout, but I was obsessed with this song for months. Modlitwa means “prayer” in Polish and it sends a strong message on alien music. Enjoy!

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Eating with Aliens: Yellow

Aliens have visited Mebloteca Yellow in Off Piotrkowska, an amazing place with alternative flavor given by different kinds of furniture. This creates a perfect atmosphere for a lazy afternoon, so feel free to come here over a coffee or even for brunch.

If you are looking for a place where you can work on your laptop, Yellow is one of the best places in town. They have free WiFi and an environment that makes you feel at home.


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Alien’s best travelling helpers

Travelling is the only thing that costs money, but makes you richer.

Who doesn’t love to travel? I am sure that most of the people, even some of you think that you need kind of super cool spaceship or to win the lottery to travel. Well, here’s the good news: what you actually need is the adventure spirit and some free time to surf the internet for best deals. I decided to share with you my secret sites that I consult when I want to travel.


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Eating with Aliens: Manekin

When it comes to pancakes, there is just one name in my mind “Manekin“. It’s one of the most crowded and famous places in Lodz and personally one of my favorites restaurants in town.

They have a considerable variety of dishes, but basically people are going crazy for their delicious pancakes with very tasty sauces. My favorite is the one with chicken curry and outstanding cheese sauce.

photo 4

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“You are crazy, my child. You must go to Berlin.”

And we did. Last week, in the middle of the night, when earthlings are sleeping, we took the Polski bus to Berlin. This city will offer you everything, either you want it or not. Its free spirited people, grey buildings and colorful walls create a vibrant energy that you have to try.

aliens 5 berlin

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Voyage to Hatch Kingdom or How to escape from planet Boredom

There is a kingdom of stickers and Aliens visited in our mission to Berlin. Hatch Kingdom is not just a place where you can buy your favorite stickers, it’s also an unique museum, the only sticker museum in the world which make this place even cooler. Oliver Baudach is the emperor of Hatch Kingdom. He started to collect stickers at the age of thirteen and nowadays he has around 4500 stickers in his museum.

oliver hatch museum

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February Carpet

30th January. I came to Łódź five months ago, in September. It was 17th to be precise.

I am at my job. Like every day. I work as a volunteer in a Polish kindergarten, Przedszkola Miejskie nr 126, close to ulica Broniewskiego. I spend six hours here everyday, from Monday to Friday.

The day starts at eight o’clock when the parents go to work and take the kids to school and finishes at two o’clock, because it’s supposed that volunteers have to work no more than six hours.

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Aliens Awesome Mix Vol. 1

Since we landed in Poland I am very curious about local music and I am becoming a huge fan of Polish music. I’m going to present my first top 5 of this week.

  1. Jamal 

Jamal is group band influence of reggae, dancehall and raggamuffin. They are originally from Radom. One night I was in a club in Łódź, when suddenly the dj played “Defto” of Jamal and I remember that everyone went crazy with this song, but I had to wait two months to discover who was the singer.

The videoclip is also highly recommended, it was shoot in Thailand.

More info about Jamal

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