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Aliens Awesome Mix Vol. 1

Since we landed in Poland I am very curious about local music and I am becoming a huge fan of Polish music. I’m going to present my first top 5 of this week.

  1. Jamal 

Jamal is group band influence of reggae, dancehall and raggamuffin. They are originally from Radom. One night I was in a club in Łódź, when suddenly the dj played “Defto” of Jamal and I remember that everyone went crazy with this song, but I had to wait two months to discover who was the singer.

The videoclip is also highly recommended, it was shoot in Thailand.

More info about Jamal

  1. Iza Lach

It’s time for Iza Lach from Łódź, a pop singer who have won several awards in Poland and also she’s becoming to be known in other countries. In 2012, Iza Lach won the contest of Snoop Dogg for remixing the song “Set it off” and her reward was record an album with Snoop Dogg as producer. This partnership made possible the creation of this song which by the way I love.

If you like this song, don’t hesitate in check her album “Off the Wire”

  1. O.S.T.R

Recently I started to discover many polish rappers. A friend of mine played this song in a party and I really liked it, specially because of the beats and the flow of O.S.T.R also know as Adam Ostrowski, originally from Łódź.

More information about O.S.T.R.

  1. Sokol feat Pono

Now It’s time for Sokol an MC from Warsaw. This song got my attention because of the base that remind me to mexican hip hop.

  1. Poluzjanci

Thanks to Youtube I found this song, good Jazz from Katowice. Highly recommended for Jazz lovers.

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