The European Voluntary Service (EVS) is a part of Erasmus+ YOUTH, a European Commission funded programme. It gives young people (18 – 30 years old) the opportunity to express their personal commitment through full-time voluntary work in a foreign country within or outside the EU for a period of two weeks to two months (short – term) or from two to twelve months (long term). European Commission provides the funding to cover the volunteer’s costs.

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EVS project in kobieTy: “Net – Works!” September 2015 – May 2016
Project “Net-works!” is realized in the context of multiculturalism, which is nowadays becoming a part of the lives of European citizens and is one of the key elements of development of the society.
The main aim of the project is to support the association in creating and developing the multicultural network in Łódź, support with managing it and in stimulating positive values of the multicultural dialogue.

Specific objectives go in line with the aims of Erasmus + program:
* to raise participants’ awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries, offering them the opportunity to build networks of international contacts, to actively participate in the society and develop a sense of European citizenship and identity
*to support learners in the acquisition of competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) with a view to improving their personal development and employability in the European labour market and beyond
*to exchange experience, share approaches and opinions from different countries and ability to draw conclusions, lessons learnt
and inspiration for further initiatives
*to actively participate in everyday life and society of the project country, realizing specific tasks as well as observing and directly
being involved with local people will allow to understand better the background of the issue of cultural diversity
*to develop the cooperation between organizations active in the youth field through long term EVS project

Currently, the project is running from September 2015 to May 2016 and our EVS volunteer is Victor.


EVS projects in kindergartens in Lodz, “Meet the European Diversity. Cultural education for all.” 

There are several placements in various Kindergartens in Lodz.

Possible tasks proposed to volunteers include but are not limited to:

* creating stories, games and different ways to entertain children using volunteer’s creativity;

* learning (observation, discussion) about the art of teaching – the teachers are professionals and are willing to share their teaching methods ect.;

* preparing and then – using at work things to play/educate children, for example: drawings, games, toys, workshops and many others; preparing acting classes showing to children how the faces and body language can express almost everything;

* recording videos (about the life in a kindergarten of other topic proposed by the volunteer and disussed with the kindergarten representatives);

* showing volunteer’s culture in a creative way (presentations, music, dances, kindergarten plays ect.);

* organising music/art classes, workshops or sessions – according to volunteers interests and talents;

* community management – one of the teachers is running kindergarten’s facebook page; volunteer can support this process by taking photos during the events provided in the kindergarten and taking care of the promotional aspects.

EVS project in youth center Kameleon in Zgierz

Kameleon Association exists in youth Centre MDK in Zgierz. People who work there are enthusiastic, highly motivated and friendly. In the morning, office workers organize different cultural events. In the afternoon, when the teachers come to work and the students – to learn, it is noisy and crowded but the atmosphere of joy and passion is very inspirational and energizing.
The Kameleon Association is open for the needs of local people. We cooperate with schools, kindergartens and other institutions – public as well as non-govermental. Bothe the Association and Youth Centre – MDK are recognizable and popular among local community, which provides the high turnout at our lessons and events.

Volunteers hosted by Kameleon Association work in all three main areas: art & culture lessons, cultural events and Office of European Information for Youth. Volunteer’s activities include but are not limited to:

* organizing activities for kids and youth (such as: dances, songs and games) during the events held by Kameleon (for example festival of music and art „Młodych Bajanie”)

* organizing events promoting EVS (European Voluntary Service) in Zgierz

* taking part in varied range of classes organised by teachers in Kameleon, such as: visual arts, music classes, vocal classes, English classes ect.

* preparing, creating and providing activities based of volunteer’s own ideas during the classes mentioned above

* writing articles to the newspaper of Kameleon entitled: “Kramadio”

*office and digital work in order to prepare presentations and events or activities for Kameleon’s beneficiarie

*going to the schools in Zgierz, meeting pupils and presenting for them (in a creative and engaging way) volunteer’s country, traditions, customs as well as EVS programme in general 

 EVS project in youth center CWT (Świetlica Podwórkowa) in Łódź

CWT (Centrum Wsparcia Terapeutycznego – Świetlica Podwórkowa) – is an association that provides a comprehensive support system for families and individual therapeutic support system for adults, children and young people. We have created the first Youth Centre in Poland for young people and their families from the environments with high risk of social exclusion in which we realize innovative model of therapeutic work “streetworking”. Its main aim is to outreach young people spending their free time on the streets, to enable a life off the streets We are operating in the area of quite high level of poverty where children and young people do not have many opportunities.
Our daily activity is based on supporting children and their families through the organization of the activities in their free time. We realize the objectives of social therapy by sharing our time, care and providing interesting activities in which the youngest residents of our city can develop their passions and discover new talents.
Our Organization’s target group are economically and socially disadvantaged families, particularly children and young people. So far we have managed to help 60 kids every year (instead of spending their time on the street, backyard they come to our center), to give away 18350 meals for children and youth and to spend 4 800 hours with children and young people.

Volunteers participating in EVS program in CWT are directly involved in work in the Youth Center (Świetlica Podwórkowa) in Łódź providing service for economically and socially disadvantaged children and youth. Volunteers provide support for the center following its daily schedule, including: music, art, plays, sport, cooking workshops, as well as they are organizing their own initiatives. Volunteers are also assisting in daily work of the center, giving meals or making photo documentation of the activities. Besides assisting in the regular program, based on their personal skills and training, EVS volunteer is able to offer and run his/her own workshops (e.g. dance, sports, computer, art, etc).

Volunteer’s activities include but are not limited to:

*supporting the kids when they do their homework (especially in English, Spanish, German or French

*playing games with the children

* supporting the staff in activities (handcraft workshops, excursions)

* providing own workshops (inspired by own ideas and interests)

* fund-raising campaigns for the organization

EVS project in Łódź Art Center

Łódź Art Center (ŁAC) is an independent cultural, art and design centre located in a postindustrial building complex. ŁAC organizes cultural events – the main one is Lodz Design Festival – International Festival of Design ( in October each year.

Fundacja Edukacji Wizualnej (Foundation of Visual Education) organizes educational and cultural actions. The most important event is FOTOFESTIWAL – International Festival of Photography in June ( This event is already an important part of both Polish and international calendar of cultural events. The Foundation takes part in other regional, national and international actions (like PHOTOPOLAND promoting Polish contemporary photography abroad ( as well as in exhibitions, meetings, conferences, photography promotion on important events in Poland and abroad.

The Foundation cooperates closely with three other organizations which are based in the same building – Lodz Art Center, Chorea Theatre Association and Fabryka Sztuki. Those organizations work on various cultural projects together making their headquarters a lively artistic place full of interesting people – amateurs and professionals, local and international, performers and public. An inspiring spirit and strong involvement in carried actions are always present here.

The Volunteer support a team of Fotofestiwal and Festival of Design in Lodz.

The Volunteer will prepare a photographic documentation of cultural actions and video reports (ex. shooting the venues, openings, events, interviews), can prepare the making off of the work on the festival, take pictures for visual communication (to use on the festival’s social media, in presentations etc.). If he/she is capable, the volunteer can support promotion team to work on implementation of the strategy, support posting on social media. The Volunteer can also invent and work on his/her personal project and support other cultural organization with which the Foundation cooperates. Depending on time, the willingness and competences, the Volunteer can also support the team in developing international partnership, contact partners, artists, curators, coordinate projects of the Festival programme (ex. exhibitions, workshops, meetings, special events). 


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