KobieTY organization (former kobiety.lodz.pl) founders were women living in Lodz. The organization was founded in 2000. The originator and the leader Bogna Stawicka previously was active in Łódź Center for Women’s Rights. There she recognized the need to make changes that prevent the formation of social issues such as discrimination, lack of independence, violence.Bogna decided to set up the organization kobiety.lodz.pl – unique organization for women in Lodz.

Organization was innovative because it created a web portal (at the times when Facebook was not born yet) that give women of Łódź the opportunity of mutual inspiration and development. Page was a unique database of information and the rise of what we now understand as networking.Mission established in 2000 was: To inspire women to develop, explore the passion and the force that come from independent thinking. To show this strength to the world!Inspired women not only developed themselves but caused the inevitable development of the organization. Initial local activity turned into international initiatives. We have already realised more than 30 international projects.

Our view on of social change has expanded and we are realizing not only projects addressed to women. Today, our intercultural, intergenerational environment is also created by men. And our activities are dominated by the broader issues of equality, diversity and independence. The world is changing and we are with it.