Between 13th and 24th February 2019 we have hosted an #ErasmusPlus Training Course called “Digitale”. In the winter surrounding we have been devoloping knowledge and skiills to use the Digital Storytelling method to work with our target groups. A group of 27 participants from 9 countries experienced telling their own stories, explored different means how to do that, learned digital tools, and reflected how to facilitate such process for the others. The course was based on a book “Digital Storytelling” by Joe Lambert.

To see results of the Digital Storytelling work we have created >> go to YouTube

Some inspiring words from our participants:

“I also have a story to tell. Sometimes I forget this.” (Eli, Portugal)

“The method of telling the story was something new that I learned and I would like to use it more in the future, cause I think it’s touching and beautiful.” (Verdji, Bulgaria)

“[This experience was] inspiring and let me discover that I can express in other way and I don’t have to put limits to my creativity.” (Francesco, Italy)