Project “Dom to Praca” in english translation “House is Work” is a Project that KobieTy are realising in Partnership with INSPRO (Institute of Civil Affairs) Organisation. It is realised on National Scale in Poland. It’s aim is to strengthen the recognition of the work that people do in home while caring for the dependent and disable individuals.

INSPRO has started this initiative in 2006. In the activities of the project we focus on changing the perception of people working in homes. They are both women and men, carers of dependents (children, elderly people), the disabled. It is people who for various reasons can not earn a living. However, they do a variety of house and caring work every day.

In the campaign we are talking about the fact that homework is also a demanding, it is a hard work, and it is very important from a social as well as an economic point of view. We are launching this as a public debate. We consider it is important not to depreciate the housework and the people who do it.

As part of the campaign, we also aim to change the national rules and regulations regarding this subject. We would like the home-workers to receive fair retirement contributions in the future, and for those carers who receive small care allowances to be able to simultaneously take on additional work.