“Nonviolent Creatures” was a project initiated by Maxime Drains, one of the EVS volunteers who has been hosted in the 126 Public Kindergaden in Łódź, in frames of the “Peace Education Network” project, coordinated by KobieTY and financed by the Erasmus+ Programme.

Max has written a story for children, inspired with the Nonviolent Communication, and invited other volunteers coordinated by KobieTY to perform it together in the local kindergardens. And so has started a great adventure, for the volunteers, who discovered their acting talents, and children who could watch this vivid performance.

“Two normal children, like anywhere else in the world. A mistake, two mistakes, anger and sadness. A magic book, a monster-infested forest; an adventure to never forget.

Non Violent Creatures is a story for children, in which they can learn the value of kindness and empathy.”

                                                  ~Maxime Drains

If you are a kindergarden teacher, primary school teacher, a parent, uncle, grandmother… we invite you to download the story, and try reading it to your children!

May empathy be with you! – KobieTY team