Between 21st and 30th September we have hosted a Training Course called “Theatre of the Giraffe’. Main aim of the course was to develop competences of youth workers to communicate in a nonviolent way and building empathic relations. 24 participants from 12 countries embarked on a beautiful journey within and without, connecting with their emotions, becoming more aware of who we are and what we need. In a beautiful nature setting in central Poland, we explored how we can bring more awareness of whats going on within and how to express it in a way that creates deep connection. We shared stories from the heart and listened deeply.


The THEATRE OF THE GIRAFFE TC aimed to have impact in two main areas:
* developing emphatic attitude, by building a group ready to support each other, where participants will share their challenges, contact with their emotions and needs, go through experienced frustrations, and approach them as a resource for learning
* improving/ acquiring knowledge and skills in Nonviolent Communication as a tool to deal with conflict and challenging situations in the future.