Bogna Stawicka


    Trainer with over twenty years of experience (NGOs, business), graduated in economics, philosophy and postgraduate studies in education of creative thinking.

    Lectured at the Technical University of Lodz and the Higher School of Computer Science. Not only a president of but also a founder of this organisation. Her interests revolve around gender issues, creativity,  development of civil society and ecology.

    In November 2011, she was appointed to the position of The Commissioner for equal treatment in the office of Mayor of Lodz.

    • Location: Łódź

      Katarzyna Deka

      Project Coordinator

      International projects coordinator in KobieTY since 2013 (right after graduating psychology). During this time coordinated inter alia: Grundtvig partnership project BRIDGE, over 10 EVS (senidng, hosting and coordinating) projects, „Let’s Create!” CME (Contact Making Event) and co-coordinated for example short-term group EVS „Women in Europe”.

      Professionally interested in the field of improving the quality of EVS projects as well as developing personal skills as a facilitator and trainer. Optimistic, procrastinating perfectionist. In her free time loves experience-oriented traveling (staying open, sensitive and careful for everything „different” and new), cooking (using spices brought from trips mentioned before), making jewellery… Terrified of frogs.

      • Location: Lodz

        Kasia Stepien

        Project Coodinator

        Educator, collaborating with KobieTy since 2012 as project creator, coordinator facilitator of projects such as EVS, youth mobilities, workshops, seminars, senior volunteering in  the framework of various EC programmes: Youth in Action, Grundtvig and Erasmus Plus. In 2013 awarded Grundtvig Assistantship grant for educators.

        Currently supporting KobieTy’s team with my entire heart from London.

        Professional interests:

        Project management. Coordination and facilitation in the fields of:

        youth, personal development, intercultural dialogue, communication, artistic forms of expression, creativity, volunteering, experiential learning, non formal education, embodied learning, global education, gender awareness.

        Personal interests:

        Travelling. Exploring. Living. Laughing. Loving. Dancing. Moving. Eating. Cooking. Being. Growing. Learning. Sharing.

        People. Food. Music. Food. Culture. Food. Nature. Food. Sustainability. Food. Places. Food. Sound. Food. Festivals. Food. Food. Food.

        “Be the change you wish to see in the world” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

        • Location: London

          Krystyna Stawicka

          Project Facilitation / Idea Development

          With a past related to media and film industry I have always enjoyed creative process and its colaborative fundaments. Now, within the social innovation sector, I have found new field where these qualities are needed and can be used for growth.

          Since 2012 I am full-time project pilot at KobieTY taking care of the idea development, creation, fundraising and coordination of international projects. When collaborating with international volunteers I often facilitate the creative process.

          Personally, my strongest interest lays in the exploration of human potential. While living, working and volunteering across Europe, Asia and Central America, I have learned a great deal and gathered new social perspectives. I see my work at KobieTY as an opportunity to unwind my coaching skills and be a part of social change.

          • Location: Łódź

            Marta Skorczyńska

            Trainer and Project Coordinator

            I joined KobieTY in 2016, and I act here as a trainer/ facilitator and international/ local project coordinator.

            My attitude towards education? Connecting with the not obvious in our society, yet the most natural elements of our existance and learning – the body, movement, voice, role playing and drama. I wish that everyone could recognise, live and express their feelings and needs. Being aware of the diversity within us makes it so much easier to appreciate the diversity between us.
            I’m a certified applied drama trainer, with focus on (embodied) Nonviolent Communication.

            I gathered my experience co-operating with NGOs in Poland and Portugal. Since 2009 I have been involved in non-formal education and social animation projects working with kids, youth and adults.

            • Location: Łódź

              Samuel Mayor

              Webmaster & International Boat of Culture Coordinator

              Living abroad for more than 4 years, originally from Spain (Canary Islands). European Voluntary Service in KobieTY from October 2014 to June 2015. Co-founder of Aliens in Lodz and International Boat of Culture. Coordinator for the second edition of International Boat of Culture and webmaster of KobieTY.

              “Plan in decades; Think in years; Work in months; Live in days”

              • Location: Kuala Lumpur