My name is Maria Papadimatou and I participated as a volunteer in the project “Meet the European Diversity.Cultural education for all” in the host organisation Przedszkole Miejskie during the year 2014.

Kobiety’s contribution to my experience in this program was precious from the beginning. All people working in Kobiety made me feel like home from the first day. They were always alert to help when some practical issues arised and I had their support in everything during my volunteering period. Apart from their work and help they, also, stood as friends as many times we hanged out together visiting beautiful parts of the city and enjoying the vibrant polish nightlife.

Maria Papadimatou
EVS Volunteer Project: Meet the European Diversity

My name is Christin and I was working in the youth centre Świetlica Podwórkowa Pl” ,which offers great projects and includes volunteers into the team very warmly. Especially in the beginning helped me to deal with challenges every volunteer faces – such as finding a wonderful Polish teacher to overcome first language barriers,
matching me up with my lovely mentor to get an insight about Polish culture and have a first friend as well as hosting various fun and interesting international events.

Christin Heinz-Fischer
EVS Volunteer Project: Świetlica Podwórkowa Pl

Come to Poland and work in Kobiety is one best decision I’ve ever made in my life. For eight months I could developed my own projects, gain experience and meet wonderful people. I strongly recommend to everyone to come to this beautiful country and work with Kobiety, I can assure that you won’t regret it.

Love Sam

My name is Sara Andrade and I’m 22 from Portugal. Actually, I made my 22 when I was doing my EVS in Lódz. I was 2 months in Poland, being part of Foreign Friendly Society project in Kobiety, with other 9 volunteers, from different countries. We were living and working together everyday. I can say that I had an experience that I will never forget. The days and nights in this completely different country in the other side of Europe, where I met people and places that I will never forget… I want to say thank you to Kobiety for this experience where I learned so much!I will never forget this once in a life moment

Sara Andrade
EVS Volunteer Project: Foreign Friendly Lodz

My name is Joan Pau and I worked in Świetlica Podwórkowa PL

Kobiety helped me in everything that I needed when I did my volunteering. I have to say that they were very kind with me. In my opinion, the best thing is that they try to think what is better for volunteers and to improve themselves for next volunteers. I am really happy to have been in this organization.

Joan Pau
EVS Volunteer Project: Świetlica Podwórkowa PL

I was an EVS volunteer in Lodz, Poland, at Kobiety Organization for two months (February – March 2014) for a Gender Equality project “Closer to Equality”. I was very happy to be part of this important project where I really enjoyed working will the hosting staff, other volunteers. I really advanced my professional practice, social network and surely I had much fun.

Actually, regarding to our project, together with other volunteers we organized and promoted a second Women Congress in Lodz, Poland (Lodzi Kobiety Congress) and developed our own international Panel “European Woman” where each of us presented a famous and successful woman story from our own countries. During the project, most of all, we had to prepare promotional activities and material as brochures, leaflets, videos, artistic events-street performances to develop public relation and networking, in favor to organization of our event.  In addition, we did several other activities and events, like “One Billion Rising” dancing for Valentine’s Day, against violence towards women and so on.

It was indeed great chance for gaining new knowledge and experience in Marketing, promotion, organizational skills, communication skills related to my studies as further career. Generally, it was definitely worthy to have gone there and I feel excited with that experience, sad to leave but proud and happy with the chance I had to apply and advance further more my knowledge and skills to contribute in a project for common good of a certain community. Finally, I really tasted Poland as for exciting sightseeing, culture, history, people, food, work and entertainment and I highly suggest you to have a EVS experience as a precious opportunity in your lovely country, for a educational, social, and personal development.

Astrit Sahiti
EVS Volunteer Project: Closer to Equality

After applying for many EVS projects I ended up in Poland in city called Lodz. I had never heard about that place before and I was ready for new adventure. When arrived I found out that we had nice appartment in the center of Lodz to share with three other volunteers who later became my good friends.

My project was to work in Dom Kultury 502 and during six months I could make an art exhibiton, work with seniors and children, make cultural evenings and movie nights. Really, almost anything I wanted. Just had to be creative. Big part in, making my life comfortable during the stay, had people from KobieTy Lodz which was my hosting organisation. They were always there if needed.

I came back from Lodz with good emotions. This city has a lot to offer. For me it’s an artistic place. I liked to wonder around and discover amazing street art and architecture which Lodz has to offer. Was nice to get to know Polish people and culture that way.

Dziękuję bardzo!

My internship as project assistance as well as blogger at Kobiety.Lodz.Pl in Lodz, Poland during summer of 2012 not only enhanced my professional and personal experience throughout my time in Poland, but also allowed me to meet great friends with common interests and views!


The most beneficial part of my internship with Kobiety.Lodz.Pl was diversity. Each new day offered new challenges, opportunities and experiences. I was able to contribute to number of projects, converse with number of great people, groups, local organizations and local administration that allowed me to gain insight and acquire new perspective on aspects of the gender issues, power of journalism and blogging and importance of community awareness and mutual empowerment.


My advice would to be to go out of your comfort zone- take advantages and embrace all the opportunities with Kobiety.Lodz.Pl. Be proactive, take initiative and get involved with as many task and people as you can. Don’t be afraid to ask questions- that is what you are here for anyways; to learn. Be open minded-the time flies and it is up to you to make the most out of your experience.

Hemingway wrote: “If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.”

The reason I decided to conclude with Hemingway’s excerpt from “A Moveable Feast” (1964) is that it is very hard to sum up months worth of experience in few paragraphs. That is how I relatively can describe my experience in Poland and my work with Kobiety.Lodz.PL. What I mean is that the same way Hemingway felt about Paris, I feel about Poland. You may leave Poland, but never leaves you! You take it with you wherever you go!

Rahat Abdykhalikova
AIESEC Volunteer

My project was in february-april  of 2014. It was about second congres of “Kobiet” in Lodz. It was great experience for me, i lived and worked with new people, who are my friends now, in new country which was so kind to me. I miss that time – our crazy street performance, event promoting, 80’s party and many more…  I wish to be a part of your new projects.

Best wishes,

Mariam Chopikashvili
EVS Volunteer Congres of Women